Takuapa Old Town Shuttle

300 B / Child age 4-10 Sundays 4 Hours Minimum 6 People

Market held November to April on Sundays

Takuapa Old Town is located 30 Km north of Khao Lak center. This town was a thriving town with tin mining industry back in early 20th century ran by Western patrons and they brought Malay Chinese immigrants for their labors. Today you can find old colonial architect remains in this little town with diverse culture. On Sundays during dry season Sunday Street Waking Market is held during dry season, normally November to April. Local sweets, hand crafts and specialities are out along the side on the walking street. This is medium size market so spend 2 hours would be good enough. No guide and meal. Takuapa Old Town Shuttle runs SUNDAYS with minimum of 6 people.

Great Value for money

No guide, no meal and we simply take you Takuapa Old Town Street Market for joining shuttle bus with affordable price at 500 Bath per person. Duration of 4 hours and no one does offer like us so worth to join!

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Takuapa Old Town Shuttle operates on Sundays. Requires minimum of 6 people

Takuapa Old Town Shuttle
4 Hrs / MIn.6 People
500 B/adult
  • 300 B / child age 4-10
  • Hotel Shuttle
  • 1. Takuapa Old Town Sunday Walking Street Market
  • Insurance

Shuttle Itinerary

Our shuttle stops only designated destinations of 1) Takuapa Old Town. and not allowed to stop by at other locations.

16:00-16:45 - Hotel pick up

Please wait at your hotel lobby.

17:15-19:15 - Sunday Walking Street Market

Free time at Market.

19:15 - Back to Khao Lak

19:45-20:30 -Arrive hotel in Khao Lak


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September 2020
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